Our Story.

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers coming together around our passion for innovation and elevating the customer experience beyond their imaginations.

Shine is located in the heart of Santa Barbara. Surrounded by dozens of restaurants and tourist destinations, and just minutes from the beach.

A Desire to Elevate

Our Why

We get it. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, consumer needs for the bathroom have shifted from basic hygiene to comfort, relaxation, self-care, and wellbeing. The bathroom is now the part of the home dedicated to taking care of its inhabitants. We saw this as a challenge to integrate software into the bathroom to better take care of its users – offering seamless comfort and wellbeing with connected bathroom fixtures.

At Shine, we are bringing the first significant innovations to the bathroom in over a century with product design, advanced sensors, cloud computing, and mobile applications. Our first product revolutionizes one of the most widely used devices on the planet – the toilet.

A Look Behind the Seat

Team Shine

Chris Herbert

Chris Herbert

John Stump

John Stump

VP of Engineering
Scott Hawthorne

Scott Hawthorne

Director of Business Development
Ryan Gonzales

Ryan Gonzales

Director of Design
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Careers at Shine

We are currently accepting resumes for several positions in engineering, marketing, customer experience, and design. Submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

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Understanding What Drives Us

Our Mission

Create a Better Home

We truly believe our homes and everything within them should be helping us to live better lives. What we're delivering goes beyond just seamless comfort and care -- we're helping you keep your water footprint out of the 1 trillion gallons of water that are wasted every year through household leaks. We do it all with an eco-friendly cleaning solution that's safer for you and the environment because you deserve a better home.

Spread Environmental Consciousness

Americans waste over 1 trillion gallons of water through household leaks every year, and 1 in 5 toilets has a silent leak wasting up to 200 gallons of water a day. We want to reduce the waste and help educate on water conservation issues.

Our Values

Customer Centric

We believe in beginning every journey with the customer first. We see the benefits of partnering with customers early in our product development to get things right.

Data Makes Life Better

We believe that data is there to improve customers lives and guide us to make better decisions. We believe in discussing products with customers, rapid surveying, and getting ideas in front of people to rapidly iterate on.

Curious About How to Improve Everything

We think that the launch of a product is only the beginning. We believe in constant improvement and that learning never ends.

We Elevate the Ordinary

Our products live in a room that most people take for granted. We believe in adding a little special care to our products to elevate the rooms they live in and elevate our customers' experience.